At WombleTech we have had the privilege to help enable people from a variety of background to access technology and digital enablement thanks to the generous donations of community and business sponsors.  


These include newly arrived refugees, NDIS recipients, domestic violence survivors, the economically disadvantaged, students unable to complete their studies from home due to COVID, those suffering social isolation and the unemployed.

These are just a few of their stories...

VicUni TAFE English 

These 11 refurbished laptops were delivered yesterday to some very special people. They will allow refugee students to continue studying their TAFE English language course at home during COVID. Prior to this they only had access to course material on mobile phones, so we think this should make their lives a little easier! More to come....


Thank you so much for the computer and for your help and support. I am really enjoying using it because it is a new experience entirely and will help me with getting better at my hobbies and interests. I am able to do more with music, digital art and I can do my school work on it. Once again, thank you very much for everything you have done.

Oo Reh

Arriving into Australia as a refugee just before lockdown, Oo Reh has been diligently attempting his English studies despite unable to access TAFE computer labs. His new WombleTech laptop has made a big difference to study, research, and engage online.


Thanks for the brilliant computer guys, helping me study and build my career. I messaged Dave on the website late at night and had a response by 5am the next day letting me know he has a computer to deliver to me. Thanks for helping me build a better life for my family Dave.

EAL Youth Program

Young refugees studying hard to perfect their English, showing their determination to make the most of becoming an Aussie. We wish them happiness and good fortune here in Melbourne...we are so proud of you!


“I would like to thank Wombletech for donating a computer to me.

This will help me reconnect with the outside world. With family and friends as well as learning new skills. One of my main goals is to write my story of gambling addiction for presentation to the Big Issue.The computer will help me to format this and will no doubt keep me busy and engaged for the next few months.

The heartfelt donation of a computer is a blessing in disguise. In such times as we are in with the Corona Virus pandemic things are very difficult with self be able to stay connected with Family and friends, learn new skills will make a big difference in peoples lives.”

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