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At WombleTech, we believe that EVERY person on this planet deserves the opportunity for digital enablement - and the social, entertainment, educational and economic advancement that this can lead to.  We are happy to support anyone who cannot afford one, and do not apply any "eligibility criteria" other than not having the means to purchase one through normal retail channels.


The computers we supply are updated, refreshed, and ready to go including a set of New Starter links to help with the first steps on your digital journey.   WombleTech does not supply any training or technical support, however support and training may be available via ReadyTechGo.

In order to streamline our ability to get computers to those most in need, we work exclusively via charity and support partners to confirm eligibility and submit requests. We welcome any charity or support organising with individuals in need to apply.  

Note; If you are an individual wanting to request a computer, please work via your existing support organisation or one of the below partners.

Current Partnerships:

  • Alfred Health

  • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

  • Drummond Street Services

  • JobCo

  • Sacred Heart Mission

  • West Welcome Wagon

Note: we request a small contribution of $100 to cover our costs for spare parts and refurbishment, but can potentially waive this if extenuating circumstances make this unviable.


Applicant Information (Charity / Support Organisation)

Recipient Information


If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch via email or our main Contact Form

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