Welcome to your new PC!

At WombleTech, we believe everyone should have the possibility to participate in the digital age and take advantage of the opportunities that PCs and the Internet can provide.

How you use and what you do with your PC is completely up to you, but we have provided a few ideas and links below in case you're stuck for ideas.

When you are ready, we would also really appreciate your feedback, and stories of what sort of things you have done with your Womble PC and any impacts / benefits this has brought to your life.

Have fun, and good luck!

Dave Hall

ceo & chief tinkerer


Feedback / Stories

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Useful Sites

Magnifying Glass

Finding Information

Example sites that you can visit to find information





Support Services

Flying Ride


Example sites for chilling out, watching videos, etc


Games for Kids

Mini Games

Brain Games

Creating a Movie

Creating documents and other

Sites for creating documents, spreadsheets, artwork, and more



Designs / Art

Lists (To Do etc)

Holding Hands

Connecting to people

Sites for connecting with other people to share, talk, etc


Chat to others

Find support

Interest Groups

Holding Hands

Learning new things

Sites for both "quick bite" (minutes to hours) learning opportunities to full online courses

Computer Skills

Online Courses


Core Skills

Learn to Code