If you have any old IT gear - working or not - please Donate It Now!


Our Causes

Computer Class

Reducing IT Waste

By avoiding IT equipment going through the waste pipeline, we can reduce the impact of our industry on our environment.

IT to help those in need

Supplying working, useful IT equipment for disadvantaged individuals to give them a chance to learn and advance.


Who We Are and What We Do

Every year Australians throw out four million computers, many of which still work but are replaced by newer models.  

Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of Australians who do not have access to the internet and are missing the opportunities that being digitally connected brings. 

Most discarded PCs can easily be refurbished and upgraded to make great everyday computers for those in need. This in turn diverts these devices from landfill or low-value melt-down recycling paths.

At WombleTech we upgrade and refurbish unwanted devices for disadvantaged individuals who otherwise would struggle to afford one. 

Image by Christina @ wocintechchat.com

Where We Need Your Help


Helping us source surplus equipment and parts

Are you an individual or business with any old laptops, PCs, monitors, peripherals or other equipment that you no longer need? Rather than leaving them lying around gathering dust, why not donate them to us to help those in need! 

We can collect from you, and will run DoD grade secure wiping of all hard disks guarantee your security, before undertaking appropriate upgrades (e.g. memory, SSD hard disk), a full clean OS install, and preparation for handover to eligible recipients.


Helping us find and connect with worthy recipients

Do you know of someone in disadvantage who could benefit from the leg-up digital enablement can provide yet don't have the financial means to buy a computer? Our refurbished and upgrades PCs are more than capable of web browsing, video streaming, document and spreadsheet editing, learning to code, and even playing most games for entertainment and education.

Please apply below to request a computer for yourself or someone else who we can help


Reach Out

If you have unwanted IT equipment that you are interested to donate, or are a a charitable organisation that could help people uplift themselves by providing them with computers or IT equipment, please get in touch!


Thankyou for reaching out, we'll be back in contact as soon as we can!

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Vincent van Gogh